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Finding Harmony With Our Feelings

Groove. Play. Create. Dine. Learn. Feel. 

We are not your normal night out. 

We host alcohol-free events that not only feature emotional intelligence workshops, restorative practices, and bonding activities, but also platform a diverse range of artists, DJs, musicians, and thought leaders.

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Helping Seattle find a healthy Groove

Grooving for Good is all about blending music, movement, and emotional intelligence education in alcohol-free settings. Would you be interested in facilitating a workshop? Interested in contributing your talents? Want to help make safe, friendly, inclusive, and accessible events? Connect with us! Scroll down to fill out our Connect form, and we'll be in touch with you soon. 


Grooving for Good's events are entirely not-for-profit and run off of program revenue, and support from people like you. We greatly appreciate any and all contributions toward creating a more empathic Seattle.